«If you’re a woodworker and you need robots or equipment, Automatech should be your first choice!»

Yves Allard, Project Manager

« When they came in to do the installation it was weekend done and on the next Monday morning everything was running perfect! »

Simon Gagnon, Senior Manager

« Automatech doesn't hesitate to transfer their knowledge and that allows us to be autonomous. »

Keven Houde, Project Manager

« AutomaTech understands the big picture. They breakdown the process before and after. That multiplies your chances of having a successful project.»

David Légaré, ing., Plant Manager

«The greatest benefit of automation is to be aligned with customer demands: high quality, fast delivery and being able to do a small quantity.»

Bastien Larouche, PDG

Growing Manufacturers through

Smart Implementation of Robotics

Increase the productivity

Increase Profitability

Increase Quality

Scale your business

Reduce Risks

Control costs

Increase value from investments

Gain visibility on key metrics

Increase Production

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Most leaders in wood-manufacturing struggle with inefficiency.

Finding qualified workers is nearly impossible, their operations are error-prone and the output varies constantly. Our 4 steps process optimizes wood factories so the leader gets increased efficiency and measurable returns. It's the sustainable way to long-term growth.

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Automatech Robotik has been helping wood manufacturers achieve sustainable and long-term growth since 1997. We’ve helped over 100 factories across North America. We’re a group of 50 dedicated employees working to make our client’s vision come true. We’re based in Quebec, Canada - 347 million acres of forest, biggest AI research ecosystem on the planet and world renowned engineering.

Our senior leadership group is comprised of 10 passionate engineers, each having over 10 years’ experience in Robotics. Our mission is to help you get the automation you want, the way you imagine it. Our values are professionalism, respect, cooperation and customer satisfaction.

Working with passionate wood manufacturers is our calling and it’s why we’re early in the office and stay until the job is done. Together, we can bring your company to new heights and, if you so choose, transform it in the worlds’ most effective and agile wood-transformation factory.

We have a unique solution for each industry.

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